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This collaboration mobilizes the Algonquins of Barriere Lake (ABL), Habiter le Nord québécois (Université Laval), and the Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable du Québec to think about the conditions for the success of an authentic partnership, and to come up, together, with culturally appropriate architectural qualities for the community's sustainable and self-determined development. This includes discussions regarding an innovative service facility possibly located on route 117.

Ideas for Kitiganik

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Resistance and Empowerment 


ABC's of collaboration

This guide is mainly addressed to non-Indigenous professionals engaging a dialogue with Indigenous communities. Based on action-research experience, it highlights the basics of genuine collaboration and presents culturally appropriate principles for discussing architecture and planning projects on Indigenous land.


Fly over the communities !


Let's have a yarn !

This illustrated narrative reveals and imagines Kitiganik's expansion. It includes a community heart that celebrates Anishinaabe culture, as well as a place of expression and sharing on highway 117.


Discover 5 communities

Living Here highlights the treasures found in five Anishinaabeg communities and their everyday landscapes. Many of these photos, words and maps translate varied perspectives that share a deep respect towards the Anishinaabe people, its culture and practices.

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Reconciliation through collaborative design ?

"In this era of reconciliation, there needs to be an ethical space marking our truths and our visions.


More people need to be included.

We want our voices to be heard. Thinking of our next steps in a sustainable way. Making sure that we can protect our way of life."

 Norman Matchewan

Councilor, ABL Band Council, 2022


From Mobility To Relationality

What drives
ABL mobility?


This essay looks at the daily mobility of ABL and reveals the high extent of trips and the diversity of places visited, beyond the reserve. What if the driving force of mobility were relations?

Visual Narratives of Indigenous Residential Space Appropriation


How do you make yourself at home?

This essay focuses on the ways ABL residents occupy the space around their house by revealing, through detailed drawings, tangible ''appropriation'' markers.

Imagining innovative community buildings !


The pretexts for ‘‘thinking outside the box’’ are varied ! This Laval University's design studio (2022), involving ABL members, researchers and students, tested various designs for  housing and community buildings to echo  the local ingenuity, uses, traditions and perceptions of the land. These explorations reveal ways for Anishinaabe culture to influence Kitiganik's built environment.

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